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Monday, November 12, 2007

TNA Genesis 2007 Black Reign vs Abyss

I don't think many people know this but just in case you do not, Black Reign is actually highly experienced wrestler Dustin Rhodes (just in case you missed the transformation). Well, this is how TNA's Genesis 2007 started, with a Shop of Horrors match between Black Reign and Abyss. It was of course a no disqualification wrestling match that should have been interesting and I thought that Abyss was going to win (I just like this wrestler more). We saw the two wrestlers going at it in the crowd and then an interesting suplex delivered by Black Reign on Abyss. Then something like a stunner on Abyss, then Abyss with a nice kick to the groin and putting Black Reign through a chair set up in a corner and then Abyss brought in the highly popular weapon, the baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Then we got to see the same Abyss with a cholkeslam on the top of the stage, not that spectacular but the fans loved it. The next interesting moment came with the interference of Mitchell and Black Reign's finisher executed on a set of rat traps. As expected, it was not enough for a win as this wrestling match, if we can call it that, just started. Well, it ended soon afterwards after Abyss delivered a Black Hole Slam that leveled Black Reign. Pretty interesting match from two big guys although not much wrestling in it. Would have loved to see some wrestling moves but hey, decent opener for TNA Genesis 2007. As the match was over we saw Abyss open the box and a masked wrestler attacked him. The similarity in masks is obvious but this new guy truly has a great body and seems interesting enough. It would be interesting to find out who he was.

PS: I really love Abyss' entrance theme, very good track for his character and I can not stop loving to listen to it.

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