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Monday, November 12, 2007

TNA Genesis 2007 Motorcity Machine Guns vs Team 3D

This one had a nice build up behind it with Team 3D trying to destroy the X division, this after the Motorcity Machine Guns aided the Steiners in defeating Team 3D at Bound for Glory. I expected team 3D to win but the match should have been quite interesting. The machine guns came in with moves that are very characteristic for the X Division and they gained the upper hand against Brother Ray in the 6 sided wrestling ring. Then, we got to witness what was already expected as Team 3D took over and started working with a very good double team move. After all, they are very good together and the experience factor was sure to pay off via special moves from both wrestling teams as the match started. Well, I did not expect such a quick shift in momentum and it is a delight to watch Sabin and his partner wrestling. They are quite quick, athletic and make a good team. Then, a lot of moves were interesting and Sabin delivered a nice tornado DDT that was not that well executed but still looked good. As the match continued we saw an isolation of Brother D-Von and the Motorcity Machine Guns did their best to try and double team him as much as possible while constantly hitting Brother Ray as well so that he would not interfere as in the rest of the match till that moment. The most interesting was a turnbuckle based frankensteiner followed by a highly elevated frog splash. It was not enough to bring Brother D-Von down, which makes sense as he is a pretty huge wrestler. Then a new shift in momentum and another one with a dropkick through the table on D-Von. The guns had the match won but D-Von took the referee out of the ring and then Shelley tried a springboard to the outside that did not connect. Then Team 3D did a trademark double team move but Sabin was not defeated. I did not expect that at all. I mean if the match ended then it would have been great but it still went on. It was a good move for TNA as the match continued and the heels ended up defeated after an acrobatic walk by Sabin and a lovely double kick. 5 Stars ranking for this wrestling match as it was highly entertaining. My favorites did not win but hey, neither did The Undertaker at the last Pay per View.

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