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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CM Punk vs The Miz - Cyber Sunday 2007

OK, this was quite a shocker. CM Punk was supposed to put the ECW Championship against one of three individuals: The Miz, Big Daddy V and John Morrison. I expected to see John Morrison face CM Punk simply because it was the best match that could have happened. Well, on the other hand the start of the pay-per-view with Rey Mysterio vs Finlay was a disappointment so I was sure I was going to see another disappointing wrestling match. The Miz in my view was not ready to perform for a championship and still has a lot to learn about wrestling. Well, the highlights of this encounter were:
  • a very acrobatic wrestling move from The Miz that saw him go over the ring ropes
  • a hip toss from the turnbuckle by CM Punk
  • the classic corner knee hit followed by the bulldog by CM Punk
  • a slingshot into a clothesline by CM Punk
And that is about it. Not a great match!

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