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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cyber Sunday updates

Well, we know have 6 matches to vote for when talking about the WWE's interactive pay-per-view. Besides the ones previously announced, we have three more that really need to be discussed. So, we have Triple H vs Umaga, again. We get to choose the type of match from First Blood, Street Fight or a Steel Cage Match. It will probably be a Street Fight wrestling match so I am curios to see if I am right on this. Triple H definitely needs to win this one after the incredible showing at No Mercy. Loosing to Umaga will not be tolerated by the WWE fans.

The second match sees Rey Mysterio vs Finlay, with the fans deciding the type of wrestling match again. This has been an interesting feud between the two, Rey Mysterio will probably win no matter what but I would love to see Finlay here. We get to choose from a stretcher match, a shillelagh on a pole match or a no disqualification match. After the No Mercy stunt by Finlay, maybe a stretcher match would be nice although I find it a stupid match type. My vote is for No Disqualification.

The last one is Matt Hardy vs MVP. We get to choose the type of match but this one is very interesting because we get to choose between a wrestling match, a boxing match or a mixed martial arts match. It is interesting to see that the WWE is bringing in such stipulation. A MMA match or a boxing match should end up causing a lot of damage to the opponent if we were to see it properly carried out. On the other hand, this is pro wrestling, this is entertainment so this will not happen. I am a fan of mixed martial arts though so my vote is in for that.

My personal most expected match will be Batista vs The Undertaker, Randy Orton vs Shawn Michales (if it is to happen) and a possibility of a spectacular match between CM Punk and Jon Morrison (if it is to happen again).

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