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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Team Pacman vs AJ Styles and Tomko

I had my favorites going into this match, AJ Styles and Tomko vs Team Pacman. I wanted to see AJ Styles and Tomko walk out the TNA World Tag Team Champions. So, it seemed that Pacman Jones was not allowed to wrestle so we got to see a substitute. That substitute made an entrance that was hilarious and reminded me of Rocky. So we have this new guy, Rasheed Lucius Creed, teaming up with the only other member of Team Pacman that can wrestle, against Aj Styles and Tomko. I was really curios to see what the big deal was with Creed. It does seem like this guy has some potential but the real deal in that tag team has to be considered "The Truth". He is so athletic and we got to see that as well in this match. We did see him fly over the ropes in a spectacular move. We then saw Aj Styles with a beautiful over the top shooting star press. The "make it rain" move was hilarious as we saw the referee picking up the money instead of counting the pin on AJ Styles, thus costing Team Pacman the pin at that moment. Then we got to see an interesting double team move by Tomko and Styles and they became the new TNA World Tag Team Champions. Nice match. I would have wanted to see more but kind of nice nonetheless.


Chris said...

I was the one holding the yellow signs during the PPV. I had floor seating, seven rows back. You can partially see one of the two signs I held - the other being ANGLE FEARS HAIR - in the pic that you have up there with Tomko and Styles.

Adrian said...

Cool, send us some more pics from the show if you have em :)