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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Batista vs The Undertaker

There have been so many rumors around this match that few knew what to believe. There were many wrestlers that were put into contender spot in what was going to be a special four way match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Cyber Sunday. Wrestlers that were supposed to be put into the match included Finlay, Undertaker, The Great Khali, Mark Henry and Rey Mysterio. Well, it seems that we finally have a conclusion to that in a singles match for the title between Batista and the Undertaker. OK, this brings a lot of possibilities, maybe even a long feud between the two while concentrating on the ongoing feud between Finlay and Rey Mysterio as well. The Undertaker or Batista? This is an interesting question and I do not really know who should win although the Undertaker has long been one of my favorites. Fans can get involved in the match by choosing the referee of the match between Steve Austin, Mick Foley and JBL. My pick was Steve Austin. Cyber Sunday is becoming very interesting!

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