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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Steiner Brothers vs Team 3D - Bound for Glory 2007

Well, here is another dream match that took place at TNA's Bound for Glory 2007: a 2 out of 3 tables match between the Steiner Brothers and Team 3D. It was a pretty nice build up that puts us in an interesting position: the formerly known as Dudley Boyz, now Team 3D are heels and the Steiner Brothers are kind of like a face on TNA. On the other hand, during the long wrestling careers of all 4 wrestlers involved, we did see changes from heel or face point of views. Getting back to the wrestling match, it started off just as we expected, as a brawl. We did notice some help from the fans thanks to some beer and Scott Steiner, that was kind of interesting. The fight was also brought to the public, in the middle of the public to be more exact with trash cans and chairs. To sum this up, the beginning of the match saw a complete domination by the Steiner Brothers and not much wrestling, just a simple fight. Then, after this complete domination, we saw a quick move by Team 3D and Rick Steiner was taken out with a classic move through the table, the 3D beautifully executed. After that, table number two saw Brother Ray taken through the table thanks to a nice Frankensteiner by Scott Steiner from the top rope. The last table saw the Steiner Brothers benefit from a distraction by The Motor City Machine Guns. All enough to see a bulldog by Rick Steiner out of an Electric Chair position by Scott Steiner. Interesting match but kind of slow when compared with other TNA matches. Interesting build up though and it is a feud that will continue in TNA, I think!

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