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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jeff Hardy Wrestling Facts

Jeff Hardy (real name Jeffrey Nero Hardy) was born on August 31, 1977. As we all know, the biggest part of Jeff's wrestling career was linked to his older brother, Matt Hardy, as the tag team of the Hardy Brothers is really well known across the wrestling world as they were known as The Hardys or The Hardy Boyz. We will all remember the incredible Tables Ladders and Chairs matches The Hardy Boyz had against the Dudley Boys (now Team 3D in TNA). Jeff Hardy did step up when compared to Matt Hardy because his wrestling career also had him win some singles championships including the WWE Hardcore championship, The European and Light Heavyweight championship or the Intercontinental Championship. Jeff Hardy's wrestling career is highly respected and fans around the world would love to see him as a World Champion as soon as possible.

Jeff Hard appeared under various wrestling ring names including Ingus Jinx, the current Jeff Hardy, Will O' the Wisp and Wolverine. Stats show him at 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighing 225 pounds. He was trained by Dory Funk Jr. and Michael Hayes and debuted in professional wrestling on October 15, 1993. Jeff Hardy told press that his inspiration towards becoming a wrestler came by watching Sting, The Ultimate Warrior and Shawn Michaels.

When it comes to wrestling moves, Jeff Hardy has a huge repertoire and is a highly respected high flier and risk taker when it comes to strange and risky wrestling moves. There are 4 finishing moves associated with Jeff Hardy. First off we have the highly acrobatic Swanton Bomb (a really high angle senton bomb), the Twist of Fate (in the WWE it is a front facelock into a cutter while in TNA the same move was finished with a stunner), the Extreme Twist of Fate (an inverted facelock into a neckbreaker slam) and a special move we do not get to see anymore as it was a part of Jeff's wrestling moves in the late nineties - the 450 degrees splash.

Jeff Hardy is also known for some interesting wrestling signature moves. He usually performs the Whisper in the Wind in most matches (a turnbuckle climb that leads into a rebounded corkscrew senton executed on a standing opponent), the compactor clutch (a simple Russian leg sweep that leads into a double leg roll-up pin), the beautiful Leafrog Leg Drop (a guillotine leg drop executed over a ladder), the Spine Line (a modified cloverleaf used in TNA and OMEGA), the double leg drop to the groin, sitout jawbreaker, the leg feed spinning mule kick, a flying clothesline executed from the barricade, the snap reverse STO (used in TNA) the sitout inverted suplex slam and more.

Jeff Hardy's wrestling career saw him managed by Gangrel, Michael Hayes, Lita, Matt Hardy, Terri and Trish Stratus. His career was highlighted by 5 DVDs launched especially including Jeff Hardy: The Hardy Boyz: Leap of Faith (2001), Enigma: The Best of Jeff Hardy (2005), Hardy Boys - From the Backyard to the Big Time (2005), WWE The Ladder Match (2007) and the "Most Powerful Families in Wrestling" DVD.

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