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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Batista's new book causes Criticism

We did briefly talk about Batista's book as it compared in sales with Chris Jericho's some time ago. On the other hand we failed to mention the fact that Batista's is quite hard on details and the personal level of the book is drawing a lot of criticism at the moment. Batista is currently the World Heavyweight Champion and he will soon have to defend the title against the Undertaker at Cyber Sunday. On the other hand, the book is making fans think twice about considering him a good guy and this might even have to mean that a heel turn is in order soon. One quote from his latest book is the thing that made people attack him as he stated that:
Now, don't get me wrong, my ex-wife is the love of my life and I would never knowingly hurt her. However, while I was busting my butt on the road like a dog, she would sit around the house and do nothing. I mean, yeah, she had cancer, but she couldn't vacuum? And since the chemo made her "not in the mood", I had no choice but to have threesomes on the road. I mean, she's talented and I hated to see her waste her life like that when she could be a dancer, or maybe a nurse. But she's not a bad person and I take full responsibility for my actions, even though it was her fault.
Later on in the book Batista says that his wife did suspect him of cheating on her but he did not do that yet and it was only after that moment that he got involved physically with WWE Diva Melina. Quite controversial isn't it?

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