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Monday, October 8, 2007

John Cena Injury and the WWE

I was very sorry to hear of John Cena's injury as it is quite a serious one that will keep him out of the wrestling ring for a medium time frame of 8 months. The irony is that usually an injury is not good for a company but this one here did come at a good time. This is because John Cena had a very well built feud with Randy Orton, one that involved family members and was supposed to go out with a bang at No Mercy. Cena got his ugly injury and this actually makes Randy Orton an even bigger heel. This makes out to many possibilities of a John Cena comeback. We can even have a heel John Cena, as he did not really loose the title and the WWE seemed to want a heel champion, so anything is possible.

WWE fans have been complaining about John Cena recently and there are a lot of mixed views about him. Well, now we have him off for around 6 to 12 months and this is a great base for a huge comeback. Just take a look at the popularity Triple H has now, after his comeback. When John Cena comes back to to the wrestling ring, I think there will be some type of character change there. It will be interesting to see it. Maybe he will record a new Audio CD in the time to bring more money to himself and the WWE. Anyway, John Cena's comeback will be interesting for sure and the fans will probably like it a lot.

Just in case you want to see it, here is a clip that highlights John Cena's match with Mr. Kennedy, the one that lead to Cena's pectoral injury. The clip also shows commentary about what happened. Cena knew he was injured and the attack by Randy Orton continued as planned. The RKO also added to the injury because of the impact on the same area affected. It is interesting that John Cena won the title from Edge, who is now suffering from the same injury John Cena has. Watch the clip:

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