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Monday, October 29, 2007

Finlay vs Rey Mysterio - Cyber Sunday 2007

Well, here we have it, the first match of Cyber Sunday 2007, Finlay vs Rey Mysterio. Fans had to vote the type of match and we ended up with the one that I hoped will not happen: a stretcher match. Well, I sat down after I cursed a little as I would have loved to see a No DQ match that would have Rey Mysterio fly around outside of the wrestling ring. Well, stretcher match between Finlay and Rey Mysterio. So, we get to see the two wrestlers exchanging blows and then a slide out of the ring on to the stretcher. Then a front suplex on the stretcher. Finlay and Rey Mysterios battling around the stretcher. Then we get back to the wrestling ring and Rey mounts a comeback starting with a classic head scissors take over. When I thought I was going to see some action we get back to the stretcher. On the other hand Mysterio did come with a baseball slide to the groin area of Finlay that was interesting and then we had a modified 619 and a summersault on Finlay, which ended up on the stretcher after that strange 619. Eventually Mysterio won but the match was not at all special. Bad start to the WWE Cyber Sunday 2007 pay per view.

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