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Monday, October 8, 2007

Triple H. Vs Randy Orton Feud

No Mercy was trully spectacular when it comes to Randy Orton vs. Triple H but in my view, it was Triple H that really stepped up. No Mercy started very strangely with the appearance of Vince McMahon and the crowning of Randy Orton as the WWE Champion. I did not like that at all, I thought there was going to be a fluke match. Then the appearance of Triple H got things interesting. I thought that maybe there will be a surprise appearance by Shawn Michaels or soemthing. We got to see how good The Game is on the microphone and what he said in the speech against Mr. McMahon was hilarious. I laughed my head off. Then the first match started for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs Triple H. It was a pretty classic match, two attempts at finishers, a figure 4 leg lock, some classic Randy Orton moves and eventually a win by Triple H with a simple roll up. This means the 11th title for Triple H came at a time in which WWE needed something big for the championship.

On the other hand, Triple H was scheduled to face Umaga so it was no surprise that the match still went on and it was for the WWE Championship. Once again, it was clear that Triple H was going to win and the match would be a formality. It was great to see Triple H walking down the aisle with the belt around his waist though, I personally missed that as I am a Triple H fan. While the match was going on it was interesting to see a kid that sat at ring side. During the Randy Orton vs Triple H match he was really mad that Triple H won but during this second match he was cheering Triple H. The match was not bad. A great Black Hole Slam, classic Triple H spinebuster and the pedigree. Triple H won but it seemed as if his ribs got a lot of beating.

I thought all was nice and I did not expect to see a new match involving Triple H for the WWE Championship. Well, we still had Randy Orton vs Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match. Such a match is clear and everybody knew that it was going to be a match that will involve a lot of extra weapons. We had a chair, the ring steps, destroyd commentator tables and a finish that involved an RKO on the RAW commentator table. The Game got up at 11 but 10 was all that was needed so Randy Orton is the WWE Champion. Interesting night for both Triple H and for the WWE Championship. Orton gets the shortest rain as WWE Champion ever and Triple H brought a lot of fans to their feet. Great feud and hopefully we will see a new match between Orton and Triple H. As the things went at No Mercy, Triple H should win that one and become the 12 times WWE Champion.

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