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Saturday, January 12, 2008

WWE Backstage - Triple H Problems

Triple H is a very popular professional wrestler and we all realize that he does have a lot of friends in the WWE. The real problem stands in the fact that a lot of the wrestlers think that Triple H is using political power in order to hold people back when he ends up thinking that they are a threat to him. According to rumors, John Cena is one of the few individuals that Triple H did not try to stop in the popularity rising factor. Hunter seems to be even less liked than before his injury.

In the past Triple H was seen as a major factor of Booker T leaving for TNA. This was because he was thinking that a competitive match with Booker could not exist because he just did matches with Jerry Lawler, who is 58 years old. Booker T was very popular backstage and he had been in talks with TNA even before SummerSlam and it is logical that his suspension immediately made him want to switch sides. Triple H also made some comments on Chris Jericho's return that were not popular among the locker-room.

Rumors also have it that the only one that actually stands up to Triple H and Shawn Michaels is Randy Orton. This kind of makes him a leader backstage although The Game can not be touched in the WWE and everybody knows that.

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