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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Update on Hulk Hogan's Divorce

Everybody has been asking why Linda Bollea (also known as Hogan) filed for divorce and it does seem that Hulk was also surprised when hearing about it. According to the Tampa Tribune newspaper, she is currently accusing her husband of what was labeled as "legal shenanigans". Linda Hogan claims that Hulk Hogan tried to get her to sign a post-nuptial agreement and he is hiding $10 million USD obtained from a real estate transaction that was made in 2007.

Linda has asked Hogan's assets to be frozen and this includes everything. She also wants to get temporary injunction in this emergency motion filing. Her story is that Hulk took her to Les Barnett, a Tampa lawyer, saying that they will do real estate planning. It seems that the two presented her with a post-nuptial agreement instead of real estate deals. This incident led to her filing for divorce against Hulk Hogan. To make matters even more interesting, Linda Hogan took out $1.5 million out of a joint bank account when she noticed that her husband had "suspicious behavior" last year. The money was put into a limited liability corporation and the only individual that can access the funds is...are you ready? Eric Bischoff! This gets weirder by the day!


amber said...

i think that she shouldn't have done tht. and talked it out with him. i mean seriously. she just runined the rest of her life.

Anonymous said...

Some say this is all a plan to hide money from the lawsuit thats pending from the kid in the crash.

After that's settled, watch them have a reconciliation