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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Show is BACK - Slimer than Ever

It has now been confirmed that The Big Show has signed a contract with the WWE and he will soon come back in the ring according to a source that is close to the Big Show. It seems that everything is arranged and the paperwork was completed while the Big Show is back on the WWE roster. We can expect the wrestler to re-appear soon although we might not get to see the same Big Show as before.

Ever since he left the WWE he has been training and trying to see if he can get in a boxing career. This immediately brought up weight loss and he was sighted at some events and fans said that he indeed lost a lot of weight! There were also rumors that Kurt Angle was supporting the idea of getting the Big Show in TNA, where he would have received the longest winning streak till now but it looks like the wrestler decided to go for the same company, the WWE. It will be very interesting to see him back in the squared ring, especially if he did lose a lot of weight as reported.

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