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Monday, January 28, 2008

Royal Rumble 2008 Winner - John Cena

I must say that it has been a while since I saw a WWE pay per view that would make me happy. The Royal Rumble 2008 did and not because of the matches but because of the Royal Rumble itself. It was a pretty good Rumble, with a tremendous amount of stars and wrestlers that did make a name for themselves in the industry. I must say the Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper moment was interesting although not really spectacle in terms of wrestling. Then number 29, this is where it all started to be really interesting. Triple H comes out and I thought we were going to see a Triple H vs Batista as the final two, although The Undertaker is one of my favorites and I would have loved to see him win it again. Then, number 30, a little suspense and John Cena's entrance theme starts. I was like WTF? Everybody was expecting a John Cena appearance and him to be back in action at Wrestlemania. I mean the guy had a big injury and to be back in action so fast would be a tremendous achievement. I got over the moment and thought that he was going to get out quickly, just making an appearance. Well, it was not like that and the final three men were John Cena, Batista and Triple H. Triple H eliminated Batista and then John Cena eliminated Triple H. So the 2008 Royal Rumble winner is John Cena.

Now love him or hate him, it is true that John Cena is not that much of a wrestler but his intensity and capacity do make a show and make the fans get on their feet is respectable. This guy is a great entertainer and we saw that at the Royal Rumble as well. So John Cena is back in action from a torn pectoral muscle injury and he will headline Wrestlemania against a champion of his choosing. One thing that I think I noticed was that the crowd kind of wanted Triple H to win it and it did seem that he had a lot more crowd heat behind him. But on the other hand, it's the show that counts! John Cena will probably go for Edge or Randy Orton for the title, as ECW is too small for him. I do think he should be on RAW and go against Edge but, then again, Randy Orton should lose his title in my view, not a great champion, not that entertaining for me. We will have to see what happens next. But here we have it, John Cena, the surprise of the year so far for the WWE, the 2008 Royal Rumble Winner.

PS: We also saw some other interesting matches, Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy (As expected), JBL defeated Chris Jericho by disqualification (not really expected but Chris Jericho took it to another level - the future might be a no DQ at Wrestlemania), Edge defeats Rey Mysterio (as expected but after Vickie Guerrero got in the way and not the Edgeheads as we thought) and Ric Flair defeated MVP (As expected). Oh, did I mention John Cena won the Royal Rumble?

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