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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mickie James Facts

Born on August 31, 1979, Mickie Laree James is one of the most interesting wrestlers nowadays. Female wrestling is appreciated in a different way than the ordinary type because women were considered either fragile beings that shouldn’t get hurt, or just as sex objects and the sport in consequence is a sexual parade for men. It’s the pro wrestlers that make it real and get fans’ attention. She is great because besides working hard for her passion she still didn’t become a big muscle monster like others are.

She started with the name Alexis Laree in 1999, training very much to be part of the TNA. When that moment came she got the nation’s attention and fans were getting more and more many. She has become the first woman to take part at the Clockwork Orange House of Fun matches. Mickie also managed to win the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania22 and kept it for herself 3 times in her career.

The beautiful wrestler managed her professional and personal aspects in life so that the young girl grown up on a farm is interested in Arts and is now studying to receive the Bachelor of Arts degree. As a child she loved horses and she rode them a lot; now she owns three Morgan horses.
James started to be part of the WWE in October 10, 2005 and her character was given a love story hatching from her admiring the WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. James character was given the opportunity to be in a match with Stratus and so the obsession for the Champion grew stronger. The scenario included James dressing up as Stratus at a Halloween Costume Contest and then using her finishing signature move in some matches. In this time James did not forget about her ambition and her goals and so she became the number one contender for the Women’s title and so she was given the opportunity to be face to face with Stratus at New Year’s Revolution.

Time gave the two wrestlers a development in a lesbian image more than a relationship between a star and her fan. The kiss James gave Stratus was the spark that lit the fire between them in this scenario and the fans loved it. The one who didn’t like this situation was Stratus who decided to ask for a break from Mickie.

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