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Monday, May 26, 2008

Major Changes in WWE

It looks like the WWE will be doing some important changes in the near future. They will stop doing Heat, a series that airs on and will start bringing the ECW brand on SCI FI tapings to the RAW brand. It seems that the changes will take place this June, right after the WWE tour in Australia. So far the plans are to have ECW wrestlers fight at RAW tapings so that there will be more interest in ECW and ratings will start being higher on Tuesday night.

Now the normal thing would be that ECW wrestlers will join RAW house shows but this is still not confirmed. As an immediate result, Smackdown will be a stand alone TV show together with their house show events. Also, TV affiliates of the WWE have been informed that a new WWE Classics show will start airing instead of Heat, a series that will use old footage.

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