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Monday, June 2, 2008

William Regal to Leave USA?

William Regal has been living in USA since 1992 but the interesting thing is that he is not a legal US citizen. This basically means that a third strike in the Wellness Policy of the WWE could mean that William Regal would have his contract terminated. Such a fact might make the wrestler have to find a new full-time job or he would not be able to live in US anymore.

In the past we saw Regal quickly finding a job whenever he was let go. He was let go from WCW in 1998 and he quickly started working for the WWE. Then, in APril 1999 he was let go from the WWE and landed a job with WCW. Then, in February 2000 he went back to WWE. The problem is that the only real options that Regal would have if his contract would be terminated stand in TNA and Ring of Honor. These are the only 2 US companies that employ full time wrestlers. There is a possibility that TNA would hire Regal but that is not certain so in this case, if the wrestler gets his WWE contract terminated he needs to either find some work with one of these companies or do something else that is not linked with professional wrestling. A similar thing already happened in the past when at the end of 2006 Psicosis was not able to find a job in the states and had to go to Mexico. It is highly possible that this would happen to William Regal if he is not careful.

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