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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WWE Without the Undertaker

The One Night Stand main event saw The Undertaker fight Edge in a match type that he never competed in before: tables ladders and chairs, one that Edge is an expert in as he competed in a lot of them, just like Tomy Dreamer in the Singapore Cane match. Now the match was truly spectacular and we saw The Undertaker performing an incredible wrestling match and he even went through 4 tables at once when he was pushed off a ladder to the outside of the ring. That was an incredible sight and it did remind me of Mick Foley being thrown off the cage in that huge Hell in a Cell Math some years ago. Now I think most people expected Undertaker to win and the fact that he lost and was forced to retire from the WWE (a part of the storyline, of course) was totally unexpected. It is clear that The Undertaker needed to take some time off and it does look like his injuries are nagging him and it might even be possible that he picked up some more when falling through those tables. In any case, nobody knows when the Undertaker will be back in competition but it is clear that he will come back. This "being forced to leave the WWE" is something that could not have been done to end the career of a wrestler that has been a symbol of WWE his entire life. We all expect the phenom to come back to wrestling and resume his feud with Edge, one that has really been well built with the entire La Familia and Vickie Guerrero although it does make me sick to my stomach to see Eddie Guerrero's wife kissing Edge in such a passionate way. Still, this is supposed to be entertainment and the WWE have really put a great show in this Undertaker versus Edge feud!

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