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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Booker T Profile

Booker T is definitely one of the most well known wrestlers around the world. His real name is Booker Huffman and was born on March 1st 1965. Needless to say that he is wrestling for TNA at the moment as we all know that already. What is interesting is that he currently owns the Houston based wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Alliance and he is, of course, best known for his wrestling days in WCW and WWE.

There are a lot of things that people do not know about professional wrestler Booker T. For instance, he is also a former amateur boxer. He showed some boxing skills in a commercial for 1-800-COLLECT and Sharmell is his second wife. His first one was Levestia. She also got involved in his wrestling life in WCW in a feud against Jeff Jarrett. What is interesting is that Booker T dated Sharmell for 5 years before marrying her. Booker even wanted to retire in 2005 due to a traveling schedule that kept him from his home life. It was Sharmell that helped him and toured with him, aiding his wrestling career to continue. To combine everything, Huffman is also a drum major and played basketball and touch football. He was also jailed for nineteen months because he robbed a Wendy's fast food store. His life has not been a regular one to say the least.

Booker T's wrestling career is filled with successes. He won a total of 6 world championships in WCW and the WWE. He also won the King of the Ring tournament in WWE in 2006 and the sixteen WWE Triple Crown Champion is a title he also holds. His tag team career is also one that was filled with a lot of success. A lot of people remember his tag team with brother Lane "Stevie Ray" Huffman, the well known Harlem Heat tag team. The tag team of Harlem Heat won the WCW World Tag Team title 10 times. To make it even better, Booker T actually won a total of 14 world tag team titles in the WCW and WWF. We will all remember the fights they had with the team of the Steiner Brothers and Sting and Lex Luger for sure, not to mention the small feuds with the Outsiders and Public Enemy, of course.

Many people feel that Booker T was not used right in the WWE and I do tend to agree. On the other hand we also got to see Booker's profesionalism. He did work hard to become well known in the WWE as he was coming from WCW and this was a problem in itself. The King Booker character was surely hated by most of his fans and it was a blessing, at least it was for me, when he went to TNA and became Booker T again. Well, no matter how much you criticize everything, Booker T is still one of the most sucessful wrestlers ever and we will all remember his signature and finishing moves. This includes the Book End (kneeling side slam), the Scissors Kick, 110th Street Slam (a high angle delayed spinebuster), the arm twist followed by a hook kick, the Harlem Kick (Jumping superkick), the Houston Hangover (Also known as Harlem Hangover - a diving summersault leg drop), the jumping high-angle hook kick to a running opponent, the running knee drop, the missle dropkick, the spinning crescent kick, the Spinarooni and the Sidewalk Slam. Booker T was managed during his wrestling years by The Boss Man, Col. Robert Parker, Shane McMahon, Midnight, Sister Sherri, Sharmell and Jacqueline.

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