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Saturday, May 24, 2008

My View on WWE Judgement Day 2008

Well, Judgement Day 2008 was not really that impressive on the whole and I have not been impressed by most things. First off we had a JBL vs John Cena match, one that started very slow. JBL started working on Cena's shoulder, Cena missing a flying move from the turnbuckle and basically a big domination on the part of JBL. Then, when John Cena seemed to be out of it we saw the F U and everything was over. Quite a long and boring match, definitely one that should not have been the first one in the pay per view. Then we got to see a match for the tag team titles between John Morrison and The Miz and the team of the ECW Champion Kane and CM Punk. We did see some nice moves by CM Punk, a Chokeslam by Kane on The Miz on the outside and then John Morrison with a finisher on Punk for the win. Again, not a special math whatsoever.

Then we got to see the match between Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. Now this match did live up to the hype and it has quite an interesting storyline around it, with HBK faking injury to win against Batista. The entire match was action packed and I must say that it was totally enjoyable. Every wrestler pulled out their signature moves and Shawn Michaels won the match with a roll up as Jericho was going for the Walls of Jericho. Thumbs up for this match!

We also saw the women's title defended by Mickie James in what was quite a decent match but not as special as the matches we get to see more and more often in TNA. Now Mickie did put in great moves and Beth Phoenix did lift both of the opponents (Melina and Mickie James) on just one shoulder, showing a lot of strength although the end was a simple jumping DDT on Melina. Not a great match but one that was better than many women's wrestling matches I saw in the WWE.

Now the next match was the one I was waiting for as the Undertaker faced Edge for the vacated World Heavyweight Championship title. I must say that this storyline was great and still is great, probably the best one that I have seen in a while with the WWE. I am still disgusted by the fact that Vickie Guerrero is playing the role of Edge's girlfriend but still, this does sit well with the entire storyline. The match was great between the two wrestlers and the end saw the Undertaker win via count out. Then we got to see a twist in the story as there was no pin or submission so Vickie Guerrero stated that the title is still vacant. Then there was a tombstone on Edge just as The Undertaker was pissed. Can't wait to see how this rivalry continues.

Next we saw an unexpected match with MVP issuing a challenge and Matt Hardy accepting it on behalf of Jeff Hardy. Cute little match that was won with the Whisper in the Wind by Hardy although MVP kind of dominated most of the match.

The main event was Triple H versus Randy Orton for the WWE title. The match was pretty good but nothing really special. You had the feeling of hate between the wrestlers and that is always nice. Triple H did a figure 4 leg lock and then some chair shots. Not a great match although it is good to continue the feud, which will lead towards a Last Man Standing match at One Night Stand. That match should be more interesting. On the whole, it was not as special as I had hoped. The Undertaker's match and Jericho's were enjoyable but the rest were kind of boring in my view.

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