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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jeff Hardy Update

It is needless to say that Jeff Hardy is highly popular and he is a wrestler that has entertained wrestling fans all over the world. The problem is that, as we probably all know, he was suspended for 60 days by the WWE because he broke the Wellness policy of the company for the second time. To make it even worse, his North Caroline home also burned down. It is easy to see how such events can put a mark on someone but the good news is that Jeff Hardy is now motivated, in great physical shape (As we already saw when he defeated Umaga on his comeback night) and on the whole Jeff Hardy is in better spirits.

Now we see that Jeff is back on a full time basis with the WWE and he will be traveling with the company. Various sources that are close to Hardy have revealed that the fire was a wake up call for him and now he realizes the importance of his wrestling career and the importance of his WWE contract. Needless to say that all the recent mistakes he did were his own fault and we are happy to see that Jeff Hardy is back. He even has plans to re-build his North Carolina home and is already looking at various blue prints. Also, we must keep in mind that although this was the second time Hardy broke the Wellness Policy, he did not spend time in a rehab facility so his recovery is all his and his motivation. Welcome back, Jeff!

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