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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Icon Sting

Sting is by far one of my favorite professional wrestlers in history and I did get to see him ever since the early days, with his colored costumes and face paint. His real name is Steve James Borden and was born on the 20th of March 1959. Sting is one of the only two wrestlers that have been world champions and never wrestled for World Wrestling Entertainment, together with Abyss. He is a 12 time world heavyweight champion in wrestling organizations like National Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling All-Stars and Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling. It is needless to say that Sting is considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He never did wrestle for the WWE and when he appeared in TNA the shock was incredible. A lot of old WCW fans started watching TNA just because of this man.

Leaving all that aside, Sting is a guy that started wrestling as a bodybuilder. He made his professional wrestling debut in November 1985 as Flash Borden. During his career he was also known as Blade Runner Flash, Flash, The Crow and, of course, Sting. His biggest wrestling successes came in WCW, where he had so many memorable feuds and his transformation in the "Crow" Sting was something that was tremendous and done in the era of the New World Order, something that eventually did backfire although my favorite face paint of Steve Borden is the red and black Sting of the NWO wolfpack. Sting even fought in the last match of the WCW ever against Ric Flair, something that every WCW fan will remember.

Now Sting is still in TNA, wrestling, with a huge career behind him. We all remember his wrestling finishing and signature moves: The Scorpion Deathlock (a sharpshooter), The Scorpion Death Drop (a Reverse DDT), the Stinger Splash, the Spinebuster, the belly to back suplex, the snap DDT, the dropkick, the diving crossbody, one-handed bulldog and the way he punches. He also has that black baseball bat as a signature foreign object and on the whole we all remember and will keep on remembering his face paint patterns. You might be interested in visiting Sting's official web site: The Real Sting. And to finish this post, here is a small tribute vid that I liked, one that pictures Sting's WCW days:

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