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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Karen Angle Injured

This came up as a huge surprise for me. I never would have expected such an injury happening in these circumstances. TNA recently launched a text alert through their mobile service in which they stated Karen Angle suffered from a broken foot at the Impact tapings. It seems that the injury was suffered when she landed strangely while she was exiting the TNA six sided ring. People that were there said she needed to be carried backstage and did not return to the ring for the rest of the night, even if Kurt Angle had a match later in the tapings. At first sight everybody believed it was a sprain or break of the ankle although the official term used by TNA was "broken foot". There are no extra details but is still is strange. How can you get a broken foot while exiting the ring? Although she is not a wrestler, she will be needed and this is a considerable loss for TNA and Kurt Angle's character.

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