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Monday, December 24, 2007

Carlito Stays With WWE

It is well known that Carlito was seriously considering leaving the WWE as he was not happy with his position in the company, ending up with even giving a notice to management some time ago. The latest series of events that took place, including Booker T going to TNA, determined Vince McMahon to keep Carlito on the active RAW roster. It seems that Carlito and Vince talked a lot at the RAW edition of December 3 and the result was the wrestler staying with the company. It also looks like WWE did not want to lose another superstar to TNA and that Carlito is an important member of the roster as the WWE wants exposure in South and Central America. Carlito is a fluent Spanish speaker after all!

The initial problem between Vince and Carlito actually happened when the wrestler compained to the Ottawa Sun that he was not used in WrestleMania 23 because he wanted to be heel again. It also seems that Carlito's father, Carlos Colon, had some problems with the WWE as he believes WWC is to be a good developmental territory and that he wanted to do some joint shows with the WWE and they did not show any interest. In any case, what is important for the WWE is that Carlito is staying.

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