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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gail Kim Facts

Gail Kim was born on February 20, 1977 and she is more than a professional wrestler, being a valet and actress. She did become famous for her WWE and now TNA wrestling matches and will forever be the first ever TNA Women's Champion, although she was also a WWE Women's Champion. Gail Kim actually won her debut match for the WWE, which was for the women's title. Before becoming a professional wrestler, Gail attended the York Memorial Collegiate Institute in Toronto. She was very sporty from day one and was even named "Athlete of the Year". After graduation she started studying kinesiology at the University of Toronto until she eventually switched to nutrition at Ryerson University.

Our lovely Korean Canadian lady decided to become a professional wrestler and joined Ron Hutchinson's "School of Pro Wrestling". Gail also got special training from Rob Etchevarria at "Squared Circle Pro Wrestling Gym". Her wrestling debut was under the name "The Queen of the Cats" La Feline in Apocalypse Wrestling Federation. She wore a mask that she had to get rid of in a "mask versus hair" match against Tracy Brooks. The two female wrestlers met again in the semi finals of the WXW Women's Elite 8 Tournament held in Danbury, Connecticut on September 27, 2002. Brooks won the match.

Gail Kim is truly a talented female professional wrestler and everybody knows this. Her matches in both WWE and TNA were always admired and it is a delight to see her in the ring. On the other hand, another move that boosted her popularity came when pictures of Gail Kim topless appeared for a cell phone ad in Japan. This was in 2005 and December 2007 saw her listed as among the top 40 "America's Most Eligible Bachelorettes" by Forbes. Needless to say that "Gail Kim Naked" is something that would sell products.

Getting back to Gail Kim wrestling, you probably saw her execute some finishers including Happy Ending (a cross-arm neckbreaker slam), Christo in the WWE or Flying Dragon in TNA (a tilt-a-whirl headscissors armbar), the Flipping neckbreaker in TNA between 2005 and 2006, the Air Raid Crash and the Hurricanrana pin in the WWE. Gail Kim also managed some wrestlers including Jeff Jarrett, James Storm, Chris Harris, Petey Williams, Molly Holly and Eric Young. If you want some Gail Kim MP3s to purchase you can go for her three entrance theme songs: International Woman in the WWE, Anime Girls or Unstoppable in TNA, with a revamped introduction after Gail Kim won the TNA Knowckouts Championship in October 2007. If you want to download some Gail Kim Themes and find out more info about her be sure to check out her official web site:

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