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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Undertaker vs Umaga

It has been reported that Umaga is going to receive a huge push in the following weeks after Wrestlemania. On that huge pay per view he will take on Batista and it is rumored that this is the match that will mark the start of the Umaga push on Smackdown. Umaga is currently wrestling for Raw but there should be a draft lottery after Wrestlemania and it is believed that the wrestler will make the switch. It is also expected that once on Smackdown, Umaga will have a big feud with the Undertaker, which will most likely win his match at Wrestlemania and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. It is also highly probable that Umaga will surpass JBL and Edge as the top heels on Smackdown, which would be a huge accomplishment for the Samoan Bulldozer. Such a feud between the Undertaker and Umaga would be something nice to see as the two have never actually crossed paths. This basically means that a new flair would be added to Smackdown. It should be quite interesting for the wrestling world to see and for WWE fans in particular. The Phenom versus the Samoan Bulldozer. Should be nice if all turns out to be true.

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