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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Booker T the Mentor

This is one interesting piece of wrestling news that was just revealed. We all know about the huge feud between Robert Roode and Booker T. Their rivalry is quite big in TNA but behind the curtains it is Booker T that is pulling the strings and he is actually Robert Roode's mentor. Different reports have highlighted the fact that it was Booker T that went up to TNA management and asked for a feud with Robert Roode. It seems that the reason behind this is the fact that Booker sees a lot of potential in Roode and what is really interesting is that instead of using his position to ask for a title run or at least a feud or destroy Robert Roode he wanted a really good feud to start. Booker T does want Robert Roode to be seen in a good light and this can only turn towards a good thumbs up for the wrestler's willingness to promote younger talent. Booker T is also quite known as talking to younger wrestlers in TNA and always giving advice, trying to rise younger wrestlers. Needless to say that Robert Roode got a lot of credibility from his push in the matches with Booker T. Now we need to ask ourselves what will happen in the future with Roode after this feud is over. It is true that Robert Roode grew a lot lately thanks to the Booker T mix but let us see if he can keep it up in the wrestling ring and see his career go from there.

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