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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jeff Hardy Suspended

Jeff Hardy virtually blew the possibility to appear in Wrestlemania this year because he has been officially suspended for 60 days by the WWE. The reason was breaking the wellness policy for the second time. This is actually the second time he has done it and this time nobody will forgive him. As we can expect the backstage reaction was pretty amazing. Most of the wrestlers are currently questioning Jeff Hardy's actions and some even label him an "idiot".

As you already know, Jeff Hardy was given quite a push and some even believe that he would have been granted the big title soon. All he would have needed to do was stay with it and work hard although there is a big chance that he is also tired at the moment from all the work. The Elimination Chamber Match was pretty brutal and it probably did have an impact on his body. We still do not know what drugs we are talking about and there is a huge chance that we will not find out.

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