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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WWE Wrestlers Workout

This here is a very interesting video that shows some wrestlers training. All are from the WWE but you will enjoy looking at the clip. You can see a lot of Triple H working out in the gym, Randy Orton in the gym, John Cena training, Shawn Michaels working on his abs and doing some unique exercises. Most of the video shows Triple H working out but hey, we have a lot to see in Hunter, or Paul, or however you want to call this man. Triple H's workout is always intense and that is reality. In fact, all good professional wrestlers have very hard workouts and we should all respect that.


Lex said...

Triple H is just a monster. I don't think he's as big as he used to be, but that's just ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder if some if his injuries happened because of his huge muscles...quads are the biggest muscle on the body a believe, so when they are developed to that extent, it doesn't seem surprising to me that you would tear it doing the type of activities that wrestlers do.

I wonder how much protein a day he has to consume to keep that muscle on?

Adrian said...

I guess it is a lot less than we would actually imagine. :)